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Expanding the range of brand HORT brake discs series Tuning

HORT specialists are working hard to increase the range of the brand, both in width and in depth, in order to satisfy the demand for various automotive components for as many models and brands of cars and commercial vehicles as possible. The next update concerns the brake system program. As previously reported, HORT produces brake discs in two series: Standard and Tuning.

The nomenclature of applicability is regularly increasing, but it is already possible to note the emphasis on spare parts for commercial vehicles, which are in high demand due to intensive use of equipment. For example, the Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen LT and Transporter, etc. models are almost completely covered.

As an example of the most relevant articles, representatives of the brand in Ukraine, specialists from the Torsion Group, cite the following positions of brake discs of the Tuning series:
• HD8579 Renault Master III;
• HD8576 Renault Trafic II;
• HD8564 Mercedes Sprinter;
• HD8547 VW Transporter;
• HD8528 VW LT;
• HD8571 Mercedes Vito.

These discs, like all the others in the Tuning series, provide reliable disc cooling during overloads due to perforation, preventing discs and pads from overheating, and increasing their service life. The notches on the discs provide for the removal of dust and gas that occurs between the disc and the brake pad as a result of friction during multiple emergency braking. They also serve to divert water. All this provides the block with a large area of clutch disc and a high coefficient of friction, which allows you to confidently stop the car. These wheels are suitable for cars that are experiencing overload or with a large mass, which is very important for commercial vehicles. Thus, a disk that is better cooled (perforated) is combined with one that maintains a clean contact surface with the brake pad. The wheels are made of high-quality cast iron and have an ISO / TS 16949 certificate of conformity, mandatory for manufacturers of auto components. The manufacturer gives 12 months warranty on the brake discs HORT.

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