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Modernization of shock absorbers TM "HOLA" line

Dear partners, we hereby inform about the modernization of the line of shock absorbers for cars of Russian brands LADA, GAZ, UAZ. The high-tech series of CFD Series oil shock absorbers and G'Ride Series gas-oil shock absorbers are introduced into the product group.
In order to quickly determine visually by type, HOLA ™ shock absorbers are painted in the appropriate colors:
CFD Series - orange color;
G'Ride Series - dark blue color.

To determine the type of shock absorber in the management system, the HOLA ™ shock absorber article contains the additional symbol “G”, which means that it belongs to the G'Ride Series gas-oil shock absorber group. Absence of the ending “G” defines the HOLA ™ shock absorber as the “CFD Series Oil Shock Absorber”.

SH21-270 - Oil damper CFD Series trans. left for LADA Granta
SH21-270G - G'Ride Series Gas Oil Absorber Per. left for LADA Granta


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